Monday, July 25, 2011

Fruit of the Spirit

As part of their centennial celebration, St. Donatus Parish in Brooten published a cookbook featuring more than 650 recipes. Titled “Fruit of the Spirit,” this collection of cherished recipes from parishioners (past and present) spans the gamut from “a to v” (appetizers to veggies) and everything in between.

The ensemble includes family favorites — some recently acquired and others that connect generations. In between are recipes from former parishioners, family members who live elsewhere and those who have been pastors of the parish.

Father Jeff Ethen, current pastor, shares instructions for Through Thick or Thin Chili, Mother Superior’s Wild Rice and Bases Loaded Pork Chops. Outdoorsman Father LeRoy Scheierl discloses the secret to grilling salmon fillets. Father Tony Kroll tells how to make halibut chowder and “The Climber’s Delight,” a crockpot recipe starting with an ingredient we usually see scampering about in tree branches. And, in the sweet section, there’s a treat Father James Statz enjoys so much he nicknamed them “Grace Bars.”

Hispanic ministry started at St. Donatus in the late 1980s with Franciscan Sister Adela Gross and Benedictine Sister Mary Weidner each serving four years. Sister Adela’s chicken enchiladas appear on page 104 and Sister Mary’s fruit pizza is on 190. Affectionately known as Sister Coro, Native Venezuelan Coromoto Gonzalez, Third Order Secular Franciscan, has served the parish for the past 14 years and shares six recipes from her repertoire. Hispanic women who worship at the church contributed authentic directions for enchiladas, chiles rellenos, frijoles rancheros and Mexican meatballs.

Foods served at church functions — the egg bake for St. Donatus’ brunch for graduates and church dinner coleslaw dressing are included as are those with some intriguing names: Grandpa John’s Spick ‘N Dicken, Raspberries in the Snow, Lazy Daisy and Snow Frostings, Yum Yums and the Chevy Man’s Carrot Cake.

Please continue to check back this week for a sampling from “Fruit of the Spirit.” You’ll want to add the upcoming recipes for Hamburger Barbecues, Greek Burgers, Marinated Pork Chops, Best-in-the-West Beans and Minnesota Bars to your summer menus. CJK

To order the cookbook, contact the parish office at or 320-346-2431. They are on sale for $20 each or two for $30.

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